5 Simple But Creative Ways To Promote Your App Including App Review Services

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    As an app developer, we all want to put in all our efforts to our apps in the hope for catching the eyes of the users. Along my professional journey, I came across many businessmen and entrepreneurs who were thriving to make unique apps for the customers to take their app business to the next level. They were ready to pour in any amount of money to design and promote the app. But the main ingredient that we all miss is app promotion services.
    An app serves as a platform giving your customers direct access to reach you just by a click. But it's also a fact that from its inception to its delivery to the internet, there is a long haul process much tiring unquestionably. But it's also a worth-noticing fact that when you upload an app, it will just submerging into the vast sea of the internet of apps. With every passing minute, the competition is going tougher. It seems a hard nut to crack to attract the attention of the audience nowadays.
    Here I am sharing with you some important tools that have been helping me to promote my app, employing some app review services impacting my business growth and app downloads consequently.
    App Store Optimization: Creating An Engaging and Optimized Content
    ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more visible it is to potential customers. That increased visibility tends to translate into more traffic to your app’s page in the app store so that your android app reviews and IOS app reviews will increase.
    ASO is a secret weapon, which can perform miraculously if used and properly invested in. Most people don't take it seriously and don't want to invest in it due to ignorance. This is a distinguishing point between these two communities which clearly be seen in the progress report of both. Now let's look at the components of ASO and what you will need to do if are doing ASO of your app
    1. Collect keywords
    2. Make a relevant and Keyword-orientated Title
    3. Write a short description with the targeted keywords
    4. Write a long description with the remaining keywords and repeat targeted keywords 2-3 times
    Amplify App Visibility Through Digital Marketing
    A full-fledged marketing strategy is required for app promotion. A dynamic and comprehensive digital marketing strategy can be fruitful in terms of business revenue and product visibility. The main pillar of the Digital Marketing Strategy is a social media tool which is being touted as the biggest place of human interaction and assembly. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, and other platforms are some of the biggest communities. So make use of these channels and advertise your app to make it popular.
    App Reviews Websites
    With time, app review sites have been gaining momentum with the increasing demand for app reviews and app ratings. There are many app submitting websites which can provide the android app reviews and IOS app reviews. They acquire a huge customer base thereby they can provide the fastest, organic reviews. Some of them provide phenomenal app review services.
    Submit your app the top app review websites and let the rest assured by them. My top favorite is Reviewlancer which has been my reliable partner for so many years whenever I need to buy app reviews or get app reviews.
    You can check out the following app review sites too:
    1. App450
    2. The Reviews for apps
    3. Review960
    4. AppBrain
    5. Perfect App
    Create Eye Catchy Icons and Screenshots of your App
    The HD and eye-catching screenshots and Icon is very crucial to the app install. It is an old saying that if the food look is not good, the taste will surely be appalling. After entering some words in the search bar, the user will see a plethora of apps in front of his eyes. Definitely, the very first thing is the icon that hits a person's eye. So make sure your icon is up-to-mark and relevant to the subject of the app.
    Make A Full-Fledged Video
    You can create a simple 30-second Video with the principles of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle: Why, How, and What. This will be regarded as a commercial depicting the whole app features. Once you are finished with creating your demo video, be sure to leverage your social media and other platforms to promote your app. Your demo video can be included in your Youtube channels, blog posts, Twitter and Instagram. Always urge the viewers to give the suggestions in the end.

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