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    Are you looking forward to studying various subjects through English? Then one of the best apps that you could use is Audio Cambridge School TR.

    The application includes a really large vocabulary that ranges from Chemistry, Biology and Physics, to IT, Technology, Medicine or Communications. Don’t worry that the words might be explained in complicated manner, as the language is very simple and clear.

    Additionally, Audio Cambridge School TR also includes the entire dictionary in a user-friendly format. Therefore, in case you are a student or just want to improve your knowledge on several subject, this would be a pretty good app to start with.

    Audio Cambridge School TR has a free trial version that you can download from the Play Store, as well as a full version available for $15.99 (hit the links to go to the Play Store). The price of the full version may seem a bit too steep, but you will have access to a really large vocabulary data base, so it's well worth it.
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    Wow, it's amazing how far the technology has come now. People can now study complex subjects on their smart phones. This sure brings back memories of me hauling heavy school books in my back pack! I will definitely check this app out.
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    I would like to try the trial version, than will consider to buy it or not.

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