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    If you’re searching for an easy car dock app that you can use while driving, you may want to give Car Home Ultra a try.

    The application comes 18 customizable shortcut buttons to launch apps, battery monitor, speedometer - which speaks when pressed -, clock, altimeter, as well as compass, speed alarm and current weather conditions (which also comes with voice).

    Sounds pretty good, right? Well, that's not everything, as the app comes with various other features that will definitely come in handy:
    • location alerts
    • night/day color schemes (can be customized)
    • a few integrated media controls (for example: play, pause, next and previous)
    • you can optionally have the smartphone set to speakerphone when docked
    • the ability to automatically turn Bluetooth on or off when opening or exiting Car Mode (optional)
    • the speed can be displayed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour
    • auto-switching to day or night mode based on sunset or sunrise and several other features.
    In case you want to give CarHome Ultra a try, you can either purchase the full license of the app for $3.99 (you will still need to have the free version installed first, as the license won't open or work on its own) or try download the free 30 day trial and see if you like it first (hit the links to go to the Play Store).
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    This sounds like a cool app. I like the option for Bluetooth, and speakerphone when docked. This would really come in handy. I think I will download the free trial first and try it out. Thank you for sharing.
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    Yeah that is really good app I think so I have to try this app.

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