Football World Cup 2018 Russia - Stats & Updates

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    Football World Cup 2018 will be real time fun for the whole world. Get our App and get all the latest updates and information regarding the World Cup 2018 happening in Russia. In this app you get all the information about the teams playing World Cup 2018, points table, notification of live goals, updates of each match and much more.

    Group A:
    • Russia
    • Uruguay
    • Egypt
    • Saudi Arabia

    Group B:
    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • IR Iran
    • Morocco

    Group C:
    • France
    • Denmark
    • Australia
    • Peru

    Group D:
    • Croatia
    • Iceland
    • Argentina
    • Nigeria

    Group E:
    • Serbia
    • Brazil
    • Switzerland
    • Costa Rica

    Group F:
    • Sweden
    • Mexico
    • Germany
    • Korea Republic

    Group G:
    • Belgium
    • England
    • Tunisia
    • Panama

    Group H:
    • Japan
    • Senegal
    • Poland
    • Colombia

    You can also vote your favorite team and predict victory of your team in World Cup 2018 through a prediction spinner. Lets check out some more exciting features of Football World Cup 2018 Statistics App:

    Exclusive Features:

    - Information about teams
    - Grouping information of all teams playing World Cup 2018
    - Official schedule of all matches
    - Point Table to keep you updated of all Goals at World Cup 2018
    - Live Goals notification
    - Updates of each match
    - Voting for your favourite team
    - Prediction spinner to show support for your champion team

    Enjoy FIFA World Cup matches of 2018 with us and stay updated of happening in the football ground of Russia.

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    Guys, this app is very cool, but where can I bet on the team?
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