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    Hi, guys! Where are you from? :)

    Personalization App for Androidâ„¢ team has prepared 135 NATIONAL ANTHEMS!

    http://bit.ly/2ULwcfPCheck out them here!

    You can set your national anthem as:
    • ringtone
    • specific contact ringtone
    • alarm
    • notification
    Is your country`s anthem one of them? Let us now!

    Here are more interesting facts! Did you know?!

    Greece has the longest anthem in the world
    Japan`s anthem has the oldest words.
    Spain`s national anthem has no words.
    The national anthem of South Africa has 5 languages in it
    Japan has the shortest, only four-lines-long national anthem.
    The national anthems of Estonia and Finland have the same tune.
    Liechtenstein and the UK`a national anthems are musically identical.

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