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    "MP3 Music Player App : Best Android Audio Player" best Music player App for Android with elegant design that supports all types of mp3 , midi ,wav , flac raw aac files and other audio formats with very quick and easy access.

    This musik player provide best user experience and user quickly access all the audio file that makes it best and unique Audio MP3 Player app for Android.

    Also we are not charging for anything to use this absolutely free MP3 Audio and Music Player App for Android.

    This Powerful Music player app for Android which helps you listen to all song formats and help you edit music information to create customize Album and Artist Collections.

    In this Mp3 player app you can access your music files by Track, Albums, Artist, Folders, your Playlist.

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    ✔ Features of this Music player for android:

    1. Browse songs in 6 different and very quick ways from the app (Playlists, Genre, tracks, folders, Artists, Albums and songs).

    2. You can directly Play songs from folder inside the App.

    3. You can Create playlists as per your mood, Song categories, artist or theme and add songs to them.

    4. You Can set Ringtone easily within this audio player.

    5. Equalizer with powerful bass and virtualizer with reverb and custom settings with 5-bands.

    6. You can easily Share songs that you are currently listening on social media apps with this free music player for android.
    1. App is designed based on the concept of material design to make better user experience users.
    Install the "MP3 Music Player App : Best Android Audio Player" and enjoy your favourite songs in the way like never before!

    Also, share your feedback on Google Play Store if you like the Music Player App.

    A simple free offline Audio Player App for Android with a powerful and customized equalizer packed with all the features better than any other music player available on store.

    Downlod this Mp3 Music Player App on Google Play

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