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    Description: Gajah Tour

    We provide a day tour service by an experienced local taxi driver around various sightseeing areas in Bali.

    !!!!!! FREE PICKUP EVENT!!!!!!!!
    If you book now, we will return 100% to you as a coupon!
    You can use the coupon when you make a booking any products in the Gajahtour app.
    ※ Please note that the coupon will be published when a driver picked you up ※

    1. Tour by an experienced taxi driver
    We provide a taxi tour service with experience more than 5 years as Bali Guide Tour

    2. Best price
    We offer the best price in every tour packages.

    3. We pick up on Time at the right place
    Based on the reservation you made, we will pick up you at the right place such as your accommodation, not on the street. We promise to be there on time.

    4. If anything happens, Easy Contact.
    All registered drivers are very reliable.
    Also, Our drivers’ co-work system is fast and reliable as well.
    Link To Download: GAJAH TOUR - Apps on Google Play

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