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    The objective of Cut the Rope is to have the candy attach to one string (or in some cases, more than one string), hit 1, 2 or 3 starts and then feed that candy to Om Nom.

    Note: As long as you capture one star and feed the candy to Om Nom you will pass to the next level. However, capturing more stars will result in more points as well as more stars overall that you can then use to unlock more boxes.

    But don’t linger too much on a level if it gets too frustrating, as it’s better to go to the next level and return to the harder level at a later time.This always works for me!

    If you happen to lose a level, don't worry if you lose, there’s no penalty! You can just start the game all over again. Also, when you fail a level, the game will restart the level for you immediately.

    Cutting the String - Use your finger to cut across the string - figure out the best way to solve the puzzle and preferably hit all three stars.
    Cutting ropes Slice your finger over several ropes at once to cut all of them.
    Candy - Feed the candy to Om Nom. Each level will have at least one candy in it.
    Bubbles Bubbles will help candies float upward. You can also pop a bubble by tapping it
    Stretched ropes - Stretched ropes have the red color and the candy will jump much further away when you cut the string.
    Blue dotted circles Some levels or boxes have a blue dotted circle that will turn into a rope when a candy hits it.
    Spikes Beware of the spikes as they will shatter the candy on contact.
    Ghosts - When you encounter a ghost, tap it and it will turn into a bubble or a trampoline.
    Air cushions Tap the air cushions really fast to blow the candy in a certain direction.
    Electric sparks Beware of the electric sparks as they will crush the candy. Some electric sparks turn on and off, allowing you to reach the stars and feed Om Nom.
    Blue dotted circles with slider buttons The slider buttons enable you to move the dotted circles to a new location. Usually, when the blue dotted circles have slider buttons the solution will include you moving the slider.
    Speed Certain levels require you to solve the puzzle very fast or you will fail.
    Timed star levels Some levels may appear easier at first sight, but they actually have timed stars that require you to immediately complete the level or the stars will disappear.
    Multi-touch Use two fingers to cut through ropes at the same time. It may be tricky at first, but it’s a very useful move that will help you gain more stars.
    Spiders Beware of the spiders as they will race to the candy and steal it! Cut the rope that has a spider attached to secure the candy away from it.
    Bees - Bees constantly move the candy on the screen, so timing is everything when dealing with them.
    Rotate the wheel Certain levels allow you to rotate a wheel that will lower or raise the rope for you. Use clockwise or counterclockwise motions.
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    Thanks for the tips, but they are all which I have already know, any new tips?
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