How to Increase App Downloads via Useful ASO Guide

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    It is difficult to get more benefits after launching your app. Because your apps would be knocked out under the environment of the competition in app marketing. What are you waiting for? Just take actions to promote your app and increase app downloads.
    You can follow the useful ASO guide to optimize your app and boost app ranking.

    1. Right app keywords
    You can analysis your competitors to select some keywords. Choosing the proper keywords that have lower search volume and lower competition and rank well by some professional app store optimization tools, such as Sense Tower, App Annie.
    2. Suitable category
    Focus on the core functionality of your app and not on the secondary functions. Since you can select only one category, it's important to select carefully. Look for categories less saturated with competitors that fit your niche marketing.
    3. More positive app ratings and reviews
    App ratings and reviews can affect your app ranking and influence the decision of potential users to download your app. Thus you must have more qualified app reviews and 4/5-star ratings to make your app reliable.

    You can follow the ASO guide to promote your app and you will get a great result. If you have any question, you can visit ASO2Top to ask some help.

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