Personalization App for Android™ is now richer for MUSIC WALLPAPERS

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    Hi, guys! :)

    Our team is constantly working on creating new and various content for our app, so that you may have a wide range of choices all in one place.

    Personalization App for Android™ is now richer for a new category of music wallpapers.

    It is said that music is an outburst of our feelings, so let your phone open your soul. Win your girl`s heart with a romantic guitar wallpaper! Or make her feel she is at the concert of her favorite band!

    Find MUISC WALLPAPERS here: Personalization App for Android™ - Apps on Google Play

    • guitar pictures
    • saxophone wallpapers
    • violin photos
    • piano wallpapers and backgrounds
    • concert pictures
    • musician photos

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