Pick your Voice Translator before going abroad!

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    Traveling to a foreign country? Worried about the language barrier?
    Well, those days are over. Voice Translator sorts out this problem for you. Voice Translator is compact and easy to use that allows your voice to be translated into another language. No more need to hire a language interpreter, Voice Translator can do that for you. That's not all, Voice Translator can also be used if you want to learn and understand a language, and also as a carry on the dictionary. It's free and easy to use.

    You can hear the translated text or share it instantly, what else what you need?
    100+ language translation support.
    Advantages* Voice input and playback support
    * Voice Translator can record your voice and then translate into multiple languages.
    * Perfect translation voice even though in a noisy environment
    * Translation results are fast, exact and easy to understand
    * Voice translator can also translate written text into other languages you can also hear the text and its translation afterward
    * You can share the translation instantly on your social media or SMS or whatsapp

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