Runny Cat

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    Runny Cat
    Description: Get Ready for the Ultimate Excitement
    Endless pet runner filled with humor.
    - Relax on easy mode with calm music, exploring the funny worlds, or crank the difficulty up and test your skill with energetic tunes.
    - Like in every other runner game you can make your kitty run and jump, but also cast fireballs at dogs and octopuses.
    - Funny puns, jokes, easter eggs, haikus, cute art
    - All ads and purchases are 114% optional and on a separate screen out of the way.
    - It's brain challenging and it breaks your expectations of usual cat running games.
    - Hard to learn, hard to master.
    - Way too much text for an average person. Yes, even if you are a cat person. Though we believe it to be funny and cute.
    - No VR, No AI, No premium currency, No internet connection required, No battle royale mode, No multiplayer.

    Behold! It's Runny Cat, the super cat adventure in which you control a kitten. The objective of the game is to have the cat collect treats, while dodging debuffs and enemies. As the difficulty increases, so does the challenge! Make decisions based on the items you’re collecting, as it will be impossible to dodge some, and will require skill and concentration. Score as high as you can and collect as many treats as you can before your lives are up.

    This simple, yet challenging game provides hours of brain-teasing fun. Challenge your reflexes and kill time by dodging and jumping over obstacles. Collect treats to upgrade your cat and purchase skins and backgrounds.

    Our super cat runner features:
    - fun 2d platform endless animal run gameplay
    - free cat running game with original soundtrack and effects
    - cool characters
    - easy tap controls (up and down)
    - fun concepts for cat fans
    Link To Download: Runny Cat - Apps on Google Play

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