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    In search of a more feature rich alternative to Samsung S-Finder.

    Looking for the best all-in one search apps or at least the apps that have the boat deatilure rich search functions and combinations that search both the phone and the web.

    Search by file type
    Keyword search method (I.e "must contain". "Murder not contain", "starts with"
    Search in title
    Search in.context
    Custom date range search
    Folder location search
    File size =, >, <
    Search by extension ".apk, .xls, etc
    Web search
    Pick search engine or all
    Media type
    Search sd, internal or both
    Search network locations
    Search cell towers
    Search custom activities, shortcuts etc
    Search apps
    Search app stores
    Search forums
    Search people by name, age, geography, phone #, email, employmer, job title, groups, interests etc
    Reverse image search and similar photo search
    Search media by name x extentin, file size size, video/audio length, geo tags.
    Search for names, posts, tags, titles, schools, employers, groups, photos tagged in etc
    Job posting search
    News search
    Search podcasts, forums, blogs
    Resteraunt/food search
    Search by hours
    Search nearbt
    Ratings search
    Hashtag search
    Relevance, distance,

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